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Industrial Gas Consultants has worked for and with major gas manufacturers for over a decade. With that comes a unique, hands-on under- standing of the supply chain, how fragile it can be, and the myriad of disruptions companies across the globe continue to face. Often, companies that contact us believe the answer is to use multiple industrial gas vendors (example: one for gas supply and another for delivery) to satisfy every point in the supply chain. But this only creates more work via deficiencies and costs more time and money to manage. This is why we have worked so hard to become a clean energy transition partner that covers its clients’ gas integration needs from A to Z.

In addition to providing industrial gases, our services encompass gas supply, distribution, and use. By providing all of these under one roof, our customers just need to make a single phone call to keep their operations running smoothly. By collaborating with many producers, we reduce the possibility of running out. When catastrophic events such as weather, electricity, or logistical interruptions occur, we can also switch suppliers. This adaptability and forward-thinking approach gives our clients supply reliability and the certainty that their process or production will not be interrupted.

Industrial Gas Supply

We provide a dependable national supply of industrial gases to satisfy our clients’ environmental responsibilities. Although Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon are the three principal gases we specialize in, we can also get Helium, Hydrogen, and other gases to satisfy our clients’ ever-changing ESG requirements.

The Importance of the Industrial Gases We Deliver


Oxygen is a colorless, odorless, reactive gas with limitless applications, including metal cutting, melting, welding, combustion, oxidation, wastewater treatment, fermentation, and more.


Also a non-flammable gas, argon can be mixed with other gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide for a variety of processes and material uses. It is most commonly used for metal production, processing, and fabrication.


Helium is both lighter than air and non-flammable. It is a very popular industrial gas utilized for applications ranging from cryogenic to leak detection, heat transfer, specialized welding, and more.


Simply put, hydrogen is the cleanest burning and most efficient fuel. Hydrogen can be used to electrify, but unlike fossil fuels, it is non-emitting. We assist with producing, obtaining, storing, distributing, and utilizing this critical molecule.


Nitrogen is a non-flammable air gas and can be used in virtually any industry, particularly for cryogenic cooling and freezing. In the oil and gas industry, nitrogen is used heavily in areas such as well drilling and inertization.

Carbon Dioxide

CO2 is typically found in a gas state at room temperature and comes from the extraction and burning of fossil fuels. It is transparent to light in the air but still absorbs infrared radiation. Therefore, it acts as a greenhouse (or heat-trapping) gas.

Getting Your Gas From Plant to Use Point Safely and On Time

Pipeline Supply

Imagine having a flexible, reliable, safe, and uninterrupted supply of industrial gas by way of stable pipeline systems around the world.

On-Site Generation

On-site, gas production solutions customized 24-7, 365 days a year to optimize your unique requirements and reduce overall gas spending

Bulk Deliveries/Storage Systems

We’ve partnered with cryogenic transportation companies and professional drivers to offer cryogenic delivery. Our large fleet of tube trailers, transports, and queen and king storage vessels increase reliability of supply.

Nitrogen Services — Land and Marine

Our Nitrogen Service capabilities rely on a network of nitrogen service providers with pumps ranging from 90,000 scfh to 1 million scfh. The companies requiring such services are located in the southern portion of the country to reduce mobilization fees. Together with our network of nitrogen supply and nitrogen transportation partners, we can oversee every facet of your gas integration project and execute it with safe and reliable resources.

Why Use Industrial Gas Consultants?

Different types of projects require different types of pumping capabilities.

Perhaps the nitrogen delivery temperature is critical, or maybe the flow rate is high, and your average pump can’t quite keep up with demand. We incorporate a package of pumps from our partners, using only reliable and safe equipment from our sources.

Liquid nitrogen converted to the desired temperature through a high-performance heat exchange system to reach low oxygen ppm effectively. We can also provide gaseous N2 at flow rates up to 10,000 cbm/hr.

Our on-site operators perform a pre-inerting meeting with your vessel crew to ensure everyone is on the same page. We then evaluate the vessel's plan to ensure they perform the procedure as efficiently as possible. By doing so, we can reduce the time to inert and the cost by educating the crew on best practices. The bottom line is that our operation is dedicated to your requirements, unlike terminals that are limited at times to the nitrogen they can divert to your vessel. This means we get your vessel on its way quickly. We can pro-vide multiple nitrogen lines through a patent-pending manifold system at your desired flow rate, providing reduced berth time and a lower inerting cost.

On-Site storage vessels.

These are a necessity when projects require a large amount of nitrogen. The further the job location is from the source of nitrogen, the larger the need for on-site storage. Simply put, obtaining enough storage can be the difference between shutting the project down and successful execution. On-site storage also reduces the amount of standby time the transportation companies charges while waiting to offload.

Expertise in Cryogenic Logistics is a must when dealing with safety-sensitive projects.

Understanding the region where the job is happening is key to identifying your potential risks throughout the supply chain. By understanding the plant’s capacities and pricing, we can determine mitigation factors while addressing budget concerns.

Liquid Nitrogen Logistics is one of our key specialities.

Our philosophy is that work should never be halted just because there is no more nitrogen. Because of our competence in logistics and supply chain management, we prevent that from occurring. We handle both our own and third-party transports with extraordinary efficiency. And based on expected flow rates and pressures, we calculate the number of transports that will be required on-site and how frequently they will need to be there to maintain a steady flow of nitrogen.

Our team knows you need your vessel to produce revenue-generating activities quickly. We ensure that our team coordinates with local ship agents at your desired berth in advance of the vessel's arrival to ensure a fast and safe operation. IGC is experienced in purging cargo tanks from a gas-free environment down to 8% for basic inerting or as low as 50 ppm for O2-sensitive cargoes. We utilize 99.998% high-purity.

There is no greater peace of mind than knowing you have an experienced industrial gas integration professional and ESG strategist as a trusted partner. We can advance your ESG strategies or bring them up to date with current standards. If you are starting a new ven-ture from scratch and want to put your best foot forward right away, IGC is here to assist. We take on the burden of analyzing the mar-ket, comprehending your requirements, and seeing a project through from inception to completion. In what we do, there are no pre-made or quick-fix solutions. We study the intricacies of your company, identify any potential weak points, and then provide recom-mendations based on what we discover. Together, we design a strategy that works best for you, your team, and the environment.

Why Deal With Multiple Gas and Equipment Vendors?
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