Equipment Sales and Lease

Sales and Maintenance of Bulk Gas Equipment

Have you ever asked your gas supplier to get you a quote on a bulk or micro-bulk tank? The standard answer for years has been “we don’t sell them” or “do you really want the task of maintaining the tank?” At IGC, we do sell them and maintain them! And if leasing is a better fit, we can do that as well. If your choice is to get a brand-new tank or refurbished tank, we can do both.

Cryogenic Equipment

Stationary | Portable

High Pressure Gas Equipment

On-Site Generation

Air | N2 | H2 | Co2

Cryogenic Equipment — Stationary or Portable

Bulk Tanks

We can sell or lease bulk tanks for all service applications, including high-pressure and low-pressure, short-term and long-term. We have the flexibility you need but haven’t found through other carriers.

Microbulk Tanks

Microbulk tanks are an excellent option when volume is above cylinder and dewars, and you don’t want to lay a concrete pad down. We can supply you with tanks and fill them on demand, regardless of your unique needs


Our tube options fit any ground storage or portable needs. If you want us to fill it up, we can do that, too. The bottom line is you save time and money by choosing Industrial Gas Consultants for your equipment needs.

Cryogenic Transport Trailers

IGC is your go-to resource for trailers, semi-trailers, liquid tube trailers, railcars, swap bodies, and more. There isn’t a more reliable source for efficient distribution of all your industrial gas needs.

ISO Containers

Transportable tanks give your organization the flexibility it needs to transport cryogenic bulk liquids anywhere in the world.

Packaged Gases Liquid Cylinders

Gas storage options are at the forefront of what we do. Liquid cylinders are safe and efficient in comparison to traditional high-pressure cylinders.

High Pressure Gas Equipment

We aren’t limited to storage options for only a select number of gases. IGC also specializes in high preasure gas storage and delivery products that can fit all your needs.

We have a fleet of portable tanks for lease out on a short or long-term rate. No minimum or maximum days are required, meaning you can keep tanks as long as needed. Get the job done without having to install anything permanent. Give us a call to discuss your needs. If we don’t have the tank you need, we can get it or send you to someone who can. No matter what, you will leave with a solution.

On-Site Generation — Air, N2, H2, Co2

When on-site generation is an option you’d like to evaluate, please give Industrial Gas Consultants a call. For more than a decade, we have been installing and innovating technology solutions for on-site delivery of industrial gas, resulting in a dedicated, uninterrupted supply of nitrogen generation, instrument air packages, process skids, and primary air compression with the exact purity, pressure, and flow requirements your operation demands. The benefits of on-site generation are seemingly limitless. Here are a few:

Installation and Commissioning

We don’t just sell equipment, we can install and commission it as well. One call takes care of it all.