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Industrial Gas Consultants (IGC) ensures that oil and gas companies like yours remain at the forefront of conversations and the market by providing integrated energy transition solutions that meet your ESG, net-zero, and low-carbon goals. We also assist businesses in different sectors with decarbonizing their operations. The worldwide organizations and investors with whom you wish to do business require environmentally conscious and socially responsible businesses whose growth goals are based on clean, renewable energy strategies. Allow IGC to be your dependable partner with the skills to cover current holes in your processes while providing flexible and turnkey solutions. IGC is committed to safeguarding the environment, people, and the highest safety requirements — which are components of the ESG formula.

Innovative Design, Engineering, Procurement, and Installation Solutions to optimize your company’s ESG Strategies

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Whether you’re creating an ESG strategy from scratch or need retro-fitted hydrogen and CO2 solutions, our vast network of industrial gas product and service providers deliver unrivaled execution pertaining to energy, industrial, and marine projects.

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As an industrial gas systems integrator, we know what it takes to source and manage the industrial gas supply chain, solve automation issues, abate emissions, and unlock the value of clean technologies for large EPCs, industrial gas majors, and smaller companies

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We live in a tech-driven age. IGC is equipped to deploy innovative resources to modernize and maintain an organization’s business practices so that they are environmentally friendly. Let us kick-start your journey in the energy transition space. Modernize and maintain an organization that prides itself on being environmentally conscious and reducing your carbon footprint.

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ESG Strategy Integration

Project Development

Technology Selection

Why Hydrogen and Carbon Capture (CO2)?

Hydrogen and carbon capture technologies have taken center stage when it comes to energy transition and providing clean environmental solutions. Hydrogen can be used for electrification purposes via fuel cells, but unlike fossil fuels, there are no emissions during such process. We assist companies with producing, obtaining, storing, distributing, and utilizing hydrogen to achieve their ESG strategies. Industrial Gas Consultants has strategically aligned itself with key hydrogen economy players on an international scale. Whether you are looking at grey, blue, or green projects, we can assist with everything from Pre-FEED to project commissioning and ensuring that your project meets its intended low carbon targets. We also assist with technology selection, market analysis, and project investment.

Additionally, our carbon capture project expertise ranges from designing and engineering a system to sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) or utilizing carbon for secondary purposes such as liquefying the CO2 for food and beverage to fetch a higher price point that 45Q government subsidies. We have experienced process engineers, geologists, well designers and downhole specialists, fabricators, and technology partners to guide the project from concept to completion. Whether you are sequestering or utilizing, we bring together the equipment, installation, and technical service to get you carbon credit or turn your carbon into commodities that will pay for your investment!

Project Execution

We partner with you to design and develop energy solutions that are fit-for-function.

Our engineers utilize tools and techniques to produce solutions that last a lifetime.

We are your go-to partner for securing clean energy to support your daily operations.

We aren’t just here to sell you a energy system and design it. We install it, too.

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