What is Thermally Accelerated Anaerobic Digestion?

In today’s world, nothing should go to waste. So just imagine if we told you there’s a Thermally Accelerated Anaerobic Digestion system that converts organic waste into high-energy fuels such as bio-hydrogen and biomethane. 

It sounds crazy, but it’s true. And the best part is that TAD could pave the way to providing clean energy at affordable prices.

What is TAD?

Thermally Accelerated Anaerobic Digestion uses a fractionation process that takes any kind of biomass and biomass waste, including plant crops, wood, sugar cane, non-edible seeds, flowers, manure, and some garbage, and converts it into solid and gaseous renewable fuels (hydrogen, methane, bio-coal, and bio-tar) using TAD reactors that reach 400-600 degrees Celsius.

The process is becoming increasingly popular for several reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  1. The ability to achieve up to 50% biomass-to-fuel conversion efficiency
  2. Can be achieved in a single day
  3. No long-term increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide (carbon-neutral process)
  4. Additional income for farming families
  5. Cost-effective green energy

Biezel Green Energy co-founder Dr. Preetam Singh said in a recent gasworld article that one acre of land generates about two tons of crop residue, which can create 60kg of hydrogen in addition to biomethane and bio-coal.

Bio-hydrogen alone can be used for a variety of purposes, including electricity, aviation, gas furnaces, welding, and more.

To read more about this amazing technology, we invite you to read the full gasworld article by clicking here.

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