4 Cutting-Edge Technologies Powering the Green Hydrogen Revolution

Green hydrogen, produced through the process of electrolysis using renewable sources of electricity to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen, has garnered increased global attention as a potential solution for the intermittency of renewable energy sources.

While still accounting for a small fraction (0.1%) of global hydrogen production, the declining costs of both renewable electricity and electrolysis technology indicate that green hydrogen could be the next big investment in the world of clean energy.

Industries ranging from steel to fertilizer production, along with large utilities and oil and gas companies, are exploring the potential of green hydrogen in the energy transition journey, given its ability to harmonize the intermittency of renewables while decarbonizing the energy-intensive industrial, chemical and transportation sectors.

Here are four key technologies that are accelerating the green hydrogen revolution:

  1. Reversible Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell: This technology is capable of switching between producing hydrogen and generating electricity, reducing conversion losses. It has a higher efficiency, lower costs and fewer emissions than traditional electrolysis technology.
  2. Enhanced Alkaline Electrolysis: This technology operates at high temperatures and pressures, requiring less electricity than traditional electrolysis. It also requires inexpensive and widely available materials, reducing production costs.
  3. Membrane-Free Electrolysis: An environmentally-friendly technology, this form of electrolysis eliminates the need for expensive ion-exchange membranes. Its efficiency is increased through this process, which subsequently reduces production costs.
  4. High-Temperature Steam Electrolysis: This technology operates at temperatures over 800 degrees Celsius, which is more efficient and reduces production costs of hydrogen. Also, it produces hydrogen with higher purity, making it more useful for industrial processes.

Green hydrogen is an essential step in decarbonizing energy-intensive sectors such as industry and transportation. With the advancement in electrolysis technologies and reduced production costs, the potential for Green hydrogen will continue to attract investors, governments, and businesses who want to create sustainable environments and a carbon-neutral future for our planet.

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